Innovative 2023 Pool Design Trends

As we enter 2023, pool design inspires homeowners and Pool Contractors Los Angeles, pushing creativity and technology. This year’s trends highlight innovative aesthetics, eco-friendly technologies, and versatile functions for modern life. Each pool trend improves aesthetics, sustainability, and efficiency.

Infinity pools are a hot trend this year. These pools combine the pool’s edge with the surrounding surroundings, whether a beautiful garden, the sea, or a cityscape. Infinity pools’ complicated engineering, especially hidden drainage and circulation systems, requires expert contractors who can combine form with function.

Intelligent pool technology is another intriguing trend. Automating pool filtration, heating, and lighting is becoming more popular among homeowners. Smartphone and tablet control makes these systems convenient and energy-efficient. Smart sensors also monitor chemical levels and water quality, keeping pool water swimmable.

A desire to combine pool spaces with nature is also driving naturalistic pool designs. A tiny oasis with rock formations, waterfalls, and lush vegetation, these pools replicate natural water bodies. Natural stone and eco-friendly materials are famous in this trend, appealing to consumers who value luxury and sustainability.

Plunge pools are trendy for small spaces. Small but beautiful, these pools are for cooling down, not laps. They are ideal for Los Angeles urban homes with little room but a yearning for a private aquatic retreat. Despite their small plunge pools, they can have hydrotherapy jets for relaxation and healing.

Advanced lighting is another pool design advancement. LED lighting has more color and functionality, letting homeowners create mood- or occasion-based surroundings. Lighting can be added under waterfalls, along the perimeter, and even in the pool, turning it into an evening destination.

Finally, pool designs with outdoor living spaces are becoming more popular. This approach uses outdoor kitchens, fire pits, and comfortable seating to extend the home’s living space to the pool. This design maximizes outside space and improves entertainment.