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Trust Should Be Like

Trust Should Be Like
Trust should be like the
feeling of a one year old baby
when you throw him in the air,
he laughs…..because he knows
you will catch him
that’s Trust

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Only Trust Someone

Only Trust Someone
Only trust someone who can see these three things in you.
The sorrow behind your smile
The love behind your anger
The reason behind your silence
That way you know they understands you

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If You Dont Know How To Trust


If You Dont Know How To Trust
If you don’t know how to trust, then you are not ready to love.

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Heart Touching Words About Trust and Friendship

Heart Touching Words
Heart Touching:
Once a friend asked the other friend
“what would you do if i cheat you?”
then the other friend replied Trust you is my decisn and proving me right is your choice?

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