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Always Missing You My Friend

Always Missing You
Why Does Life Have To Separate
Two Friends And Bring Two Enemies Together?
Well, Life Has Never Been Fair
But I Long For The Day That Nothing
Will Ever Separate Us From Each Other.
Always Missing You!

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Liking You is My Nature

Liking You is My Nature
Liking you is my nature
Missing you is my disappointment
Fighting with you is my Time pass…
Forgetting you is never in my life time.

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Missing You My Friend


Missing You
Earth may stop rotating
Birds may stop flying
Candles may stop melting
Fishes may stop swimming
Heart may stop breathing

But I will never stop
Missing you my friend.

I Miss You With Each Beat Of My Heart

Beat Of My Heart
I miss you with each beat of my heart,
With every blink of my eye,
Every second of time,
and every moment of the day.
Miss You, Miss you, Miss you

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