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Definition Of Love

Definition Of Love
Definition of Love
Having a Boyfriend or Girlfriend is not Love
But Having someone in your life on
whom You have blind Faith that even If
you hurt them to the extreme,
They will still hold you hand and say:
I was, I am, I will always be yours.


When We Give Everything

When We Give Everything
When we give everything, we have nothing more to lose.
And then fear, jealousy, boredom and monotony disappear and all that remains is the light form a void that does not frighten us,
but brings us closer to one another.

What is True Love Wallpaper

What is True Love
What is True Love Definition

L, is for the Laughter I give to you every day
knowing you’ll never go away

O, is for the Options we’ll have when were together
knowing our love couldn’t get any better

V, is for the Visions I have of you
knowing I’ll never find anyone quite like you

E, is for Everything that’s true I’ve every said
especially when I said “we’ll be together till were dead”

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