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You and Me Friendship Poem

You and Me
You And Me Is The Perfect Definition Of Friendship.
It Is Only Found Is God’s Township,
Friendship With You Is A Trip To Heaven,
A Big Ship In A Spaceship!

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A Mother is Truly A Blessing

A Mother is Truly A Blessing
What a blessing a mother can be,
A gift of love for eternity.
Nurturing you from the very start,
With the beating of her heart.
A wise teacher to lead the way,
there to guide you when you stray.
With gentle hands and word so kind,
she always knows whats on your mind.
A trusting friend whose always there,
a shoulder to absorb every tear.
Someone to catch you when you fall,
a strong backbone a sturdy wall.
A caring doctor who knows how you feel,
with hugs and kisses that really heal.
With so many different jobs to do,
a mother is truly a blessing for you.

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My Eyes Do Not Show Tears

My Eyes Do Not Show Tears
Just because my eyes do not show tears,
doesn’t mean my heart doesn’t cry n i don’t get hurt.

Just because I come out strong, doesn’t mean
there is nothing wrong.

Often I choose to pretend that I’m happy.

So I don’t have to explain myself to people
who’ll never understand.

Smiling has always been easier than
explaining y I’m sad…!

You are My Soulmate


My Soulmate
You are my soulmate, my sweetheart,
you are my dream come true,
from now until the end of time,
i give my heart and soul to you.

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Meaning Of True Love

Meaning Of True Love
Meaning Of True Love Poem To Know What is True Love

True love is not how you forgive but how you forgot,
Not what you see but what you feel,
Not how you listen but how you understand,
and not how you let go but how you hold on.

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